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    gene started the conversation

    My website is randomly reverting back to certain parts of the demo template! Is this a bug??? This is not acceptable, please tell me why this is happening. Also why does it take so long to load, this is meant to be a 'responsive' template!!!

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    mSupport replied


    The theme is quite free of bugs. The themeforest checks are pretty hardcore. It could be your hosting provider rolling back the space where your website is. Give us more info please so we can figure it out bit we asure you that the theme is not the issue. 

    About the loading times the theme is loading unde 3.5 seconds which is a very good loading time, again the loading speed is affected by the hosting provider. We will also mai a check on this directly on your link. 

    The theme is responsive, it looks perfect on any device, mobile, tablet, pc, latop.

    Please provide the link to the website and we will start and make some tests.


    Thank You!