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ipad image header - scale issue


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    gene started the conversation


    The front page and all other pages are not displaying the header image correctly on an ipad. It isn't scaling properly. When I preview the website in Maav theme it looks good (see image), but when I actually look at on a real ipad it's completely different and zoomed in too far. How can this be fixed?


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    mSupport replied


    Add this to custom css

    @media (max-width: 63.9em) {
    .page-banner .page-feature-image {
        background-attachment: scroll;
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    Michal replied

    Hey, i have the same problem on iPad: 

    Breadcrumb looks like this. Its not full image still zoomed

    Look at this screen: 

    This css code doesnt work

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    mSupport replied


    The first code i provided didn`t worked?

    What ipad are you using?


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    Michal replied

    No it didn't work.

    I am using iPad 2 air but the same problem is on microsoft edge