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Video header repsonsive?


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    dudecavanaugh started the conversation

    Hello. I love the theme!  I have two questions, I apologize if I should have submitted a ticket for each separately. 

    1 - Is the video header responsive? When I change the viewport size it appears to default to an image header.

    2 - On my site the css animations are really glitchy. After the page loads and you scroll past the elements that animate, the elements will continue to animate over and over. An example would be if I have the css animation set to fade in, the element fades in over and over. I have all of the animations turned off until I can get a fix.

    I appreciate it!


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    mSupport replied


    1. The video is responsive until the mobile breakpoint resolution. By default no mobile can support video header thats why instead of the video, on mobile the background image will appear instead of the video.

    2. It seems to be a bug from Visual Composer, i checked and the animation like Top to bottom, bottom to top or move up work correctly!

    Move up animation is a good one to go and also bottom to top until i investigate further with visual composer!


    Thank You!

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    dudecavanaugh replied

    Thank you for the reply. I updated Visual Composer and it is still glitching. You are correct that the top, bottom or fade do work correctly, it is only when I choose something like "fadein up big" that it replicated the animation over and over.  Let me know if you find a fix. Thanks again!