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    Tony N. started the conversation

    Hi, i thought of a ticket with a clear title for each inquiry will benefit the rest of the community better, anyway, can you please help me with the below

    • is there anyway i can have the header act like an inline frame? i want to embed a VR inline frame so when people visit they will see the VR moving or move it around rather than regular video or photo
    • how can increase the header in the homepage only where the video is displaying?
    • the title of the page is automatically displayed on top of the header, how can i disable it for the home page so header will only show the slider or video
    • How Can i put the main logo in the middle of header rather than left
    • can i have the CSS code that will replace the curve line under the header with a normal straight one

    Thank you

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    mSupport replied

    Hello and thanks for one in all ticket

    1. What you want to do is very tricky and i think it will not be cross platform compatible (pc, phone, tablet). It also requires heavy modification to the theme so you will need a web developer for that. (The support of Maav covers bugs and light modification)

    2. If you want only the homepage header to be bigger add this code (via Appearance > Custome Code)

    .home .page-banner .page-feature-image .title-holder {
        height: 75vh!important;

    Replace 75 with any height you want between 1 and 100 (where 100 is fullscreen).

    3. add code

    .home .page-banner .page-title {
        display: none!important;

    4. Same as 1, you will need a web developer or web designer to do the work.

    5. add code

    .curve-top {
        display: none!important;

    Let me know if you manage!


    Thank You!

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    Tony N. replied


    worked well, THANK YOU!