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individual Header Image for Blogposts planed?


  • Franzy13 started the conversation

    Not a problem, Just a Wish and a question:

    Will individuall Header images for blogposts be availlable?

    That would be so cool!

    Or can I do them by my own in any way?

    Thanks so far!

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    mSupport replied

    So regarding you request i have implemented the option to add different images for post (as in pages and portfolio).

    I`ll submit the update to Themeforest in 20-30 minutes. 

    They should approve it in couple of hours.

    You will get an email when the theme will be updated, after that read the documentation on how to update Mond and you will be ready to go.

    Hope this help you!


    PS If you are happy with support or the theme a rating on themeforest will be very appreciated!

    Thank You!

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    mSupport replied

    The update was approved on themeforest.


    Thank You!

  • Franzy13 replied

    Tanks a lot!

    Great support. I'm so Happy wird that.

     You'l get an epic rating :)