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The news page - how to get the posts to look similar to the live preview of the template.


  • Steffen started the conversation

    Hi, I have been trying to have my posts appear similar to what you have in the live preview of the Mond creative WP template - but for som reason I can't seem to figure out how to recreate what you have done.

    I like that the picture in the post header showes up as a clickable "thumbnail" with the date in the corner and then the heading underneath.

    I can only get the heading there and no picture...

    Please help.

    Best regards
    Steffen Mølgaard

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    mSupport replied


    for that to happen you need to set a featured image to the post.

    Let me know!


  • Steffen replied

    Sorry for late reply - I was expecting an email :)

    Perfect, that was simple :) ... However that created another problem - now when I go into the post the featured images automatically appears in the beginning of the post. No matter what I try I can't figure out how to remove it without also removing the featured images and hereby the clickable thumbnail :(

    When I look at your WP template you do not have that problem... Here the featured images only appear as the post thumbnail.

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    mSupport replied


    add this 

    .single-post .has-post-thumbnail img {


  • Steffen replied

    Hi again,

    the CSS code worked, so the featured images do not show in the post, however it actually works "too well". Because now it is not possible to place in another picture on that pages... The CSS code keeps all images from showing...

    Is it possible to only have the featured images removed from the post, but still allow for other images to på added?