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Problem File (virus)


  • novato17 started the conversation

    My theme came with virus and i cant install this one. How can i fix this? Thanks...


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    mSupport replied


    i am sure that that is an error. Attached is a screenshot of a scan with Kaspersky. Themeforest guarantees that all themes uploaded on their website are 100% secure and virus free.

    Redownload or check your antivirus. Let me know!


    Thank You!

  • novato17 replied

    Thanks for response, but when i attach the file in Google Gmail, came a message " Blocked for security reasons". I really need install this theme, but my developer can't do it. =/


    Blocked file types in Gmail
    An error stating that a message has been blocked because 
    the content has a potential security issue can be displayed 
    in Gmail for a variety of reasons. Gmail blocks messages 
    that can spread viruses, such as messages that include 
    executable files or certain links.

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    mSupport replied


    no theme can be send via email. Send it via wetransfer.com it`s free and fast

    Thank You!