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Search widget not working for Portfolio or Basic pages


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    jeffrowe started the conversation

    The Search widget isn't working for me on Portfolio pages or basic Pages for some reason. 

    If you'd like to try it on CrisAlex.com, the search bar is in the footer.

    On CrisAlex.com specifically, the search works on Home, Post and Search results pages. But not on Portfolio, any of the Portfolio subpages, About or Contact.

    (None of Wordpress', the plugin's or the theme's php files have been edited by me.)

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    mSupport replied

    I`ll get into this issue asap and after fix we are going to include it in the update.

    i`ll let you know!

    Thank You!

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    jeffrowe replied

    Great, thank you!

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    jeffrowe replied

    Works great in newest update. Thanks again!